Rules and Application for admission

International Competition of Musical Interpretation “Marcello Pontillo” – Florence

Art. 1 - Purpose

The main goal of the International Competition of Musical Interpretation “Marcello Pontillo” – Florence is the creation of an important opportunity for young musicians. It originates from the Festival “SUONI RIFLESSI”, whose key goal is to make the music a participatory and engaging language in its executive expression, open to an audience (of fans) interested in the profound aspects of this art, as well as culture in general. It therefore aims to stimulate the musical and communicative quality of young people, their performances, the search for design lines in their programs, their communication with the audience as a crucial artistic direction.

Art. 2 - When, where

The competition takes place in Florence, in the auditorium of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Florence, via F. Portinari 5, for the two preliminary rounds, and in the Sala Vanni, piazza del Carmine 19, for the final - between 16 and 18 November. The schedule will be communicated by the Secretariat and published on the website one week before the beginning of the event. All performances, rounds and final, are open to any audience.

Art. 3 - Who

The competition is open to soloists (instrumentalists and singers) and groups (from duos to the sextets) who are between 16 and 32 on the day the contest begins (16.11.2018,). For groups, the average age of the components will be calculated. Each competitor must present an identity document to the Secretariat, or they will be excluded from the Competition.

Art. 4 - Admission and program

Each musician or group must present a program project of about an hour, according to the following guidelines:

a) The program must have the characteristics of a concert program;

b) The program must follow a programmatic line based on an aspect, or a period, an influence, or a theme of music. To this end, each musician or group must provide a title and a brief presentation (no more than 2000 characters) illustrating the choice of the program. The program must be presented together with the registration and will be examined by the Artistic Direction. In the absence of a programmatic line, the candidate or group will not be admitted to the Competition. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

c) programs for groups can present pieces that do not consist of the complete formation. For example, a sextet can present a program that includes pieces for quintet or quartet or other formations. Nonetheless, the total amount of passages that do not include the complete formation cannot exceed the 30% of the whole program.

d) it is possible to present single movements of compositions, provided that they are suitable to the thematic lines of the project;

e) transcriptions and processing are allowed provided that consolidated performance practice or recognized reliability of the transcriber/processor is guaranteed. Piano reductions from orchestral scores are not allowed;

f) the organization will provide a grand piano, and no other instrument.

Art. 5 - Rounds

The order of the rounds is established using a random draw. It will be communicated via e-mail or telephone and published on the Competition website two days before the beginning of the rounds. The same order will be used in all the other rounds. Competitors who cannot attend the meeting for justified reasons can postpone the test at the end of the same day.

The competition includes three rounds:

a) First round: the candidate (or group) must present a program of about 15 minutes, taken from the whole program, which will be performed in front of the jury. A maximum of 9 candidates (or groups) will be selected for the second round.
b) Second round: the candidate (or group) must present a 20-minute program, taken from the whole program, which will be performed in front of the jury. A maximum of 3 candidates (or groups) will be selected for the third round.
c) Third round Final: the candidate, or group, must present a 35-40 minute program, drawn from the entire program, which will be evaluated by the audience of Suoni Riflessi (and no longer by the jury). The degree of satisfaction of the audience will be measured through a vote that will be scrutinized publicly. Only in the event of an equal judgment the jury will be called again for the final decision.

Art. 6 - The jury of experts

The jury is composed of renowned musicians. The list names will be published on the website.
The jury has a right to select the length or parts of the works presented and to shorten the duration of the performances.
The final score is the arithmetic mean of the votes of the individual jurors; in the event of a tie the judgment of the President of the Jury prevails.
The decisions of the jury are final. The Commission reserves the right to allow no competitors to the next test if any of the performances reach an adequate artistic level.
The Artistic Director may at any time call new members to join the Jury, if necessary.
Competitors who have a family relationship or affinity with a member of the Jury cannot take part in the competition. Jurors who were teachers of a competitor in the previous two years will abstain from voting. At the moment of the settlement, members of the Jury will issue a statement about their personal situation towards the competitors.

Art. 7 - The Judging audience

Il pubblico giudicante è formato esclusivamente da coloro che hanno la tessera (abbonamento) della manifestazione Suoni Riflessi 2018 (soci), il che conferisce la garanzia di un’idoneità al giudizio e tutela i  candidati da inopportune parzialità. Tutti gli altri spettatori presenti non avranno diritto al voto.

Art. 8 - Fees

The fee for participation in the competition must be paid upon registration:
Soloists: 70 euro. Groups: 40 euro for each group member. Aggregated payments are accepted for groups. Fees must be paid within 22 october 2018 confirming the participation of the group.
Participation fees can be refunded only in case of non-admission to the Competition (see art 4)
Payments can be made through the following methods, specifying the reason "Registration to the International Chamber Music Competition”

1) bank transfer payable to “Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto – Intesa San Paolo”
Iban: IT18O0306937720100000000176

2) Pay Pal

Art. 9 - Application form

I concorrenti dovranno inviare la domanda di iscrizione all’email: – corredata da programma e progetto di cui all’art. 4 entro e non oltre il 22/10/2018.
The application will be valid only when the payment of the participation fee will be verified.
Receipt or payment copies of the fees must be attached to the application form (the template is available on the website). Aggregated payments are accepted for groups.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Art. 10 - Scores

Competitors are required to present at least two copies of the scores of their program's works before the tests. Competitors presenting photocopied scores take responsibility for any legal consequences.

Art. 11 - Awards

The following prizes are foreseen:

- First Prize € 2,500
- Second prize € 1,500
+ buono di 200 € per acquisti di materiale musicale musica offerto da Ut Orpheus
- Third prize € 500
+ buono di 100 € per acquisti di materiale musicale offerto da Ut Orpheus

Any ex-aequo prizes will subdivide the total amount.

Art 12 - Award Concerts
The following prize concerts will be awarded to the 1st classified. In case of ex-aequo the assignment of the concerts will be established by the Artistic Direction.

- Concert in the Festival SuoniRiflessi 2019
- Concert in the 2019 season of the Ticino Music Festival (Lugano - Switzerland)
- Concert in the chamber music season of the Fiesole School of Music in Fiesole (Firenze)
- Concert in the chamber music season of the Fiesole Music School in Arezzo
- Concert in the summer chamber music season of Campo Lo Feno (Elba island)

Participation in the concerts will be agreed with the Artistic Direction.

Art. 13 - Special prize "Musica con le ali"

The special prize is established by the Cultural Association "Musica con le Ali", based in Milan, which aims to promote young Italian talents, supporting them in their training and helping them with their profession. "Musica con le Ali" may include one of the Italian finalists, aged between 16 and 23, in their promotional activity for the year 2019/20.

Art. 14 - Audio and Video

Any filming, or radio and television broadcasting, will not entail any right or compensation for the performers.

Art. 15 - Acceptance of the regulation

Registration for the competition implies full acceptance of this regulation. Promoters reserve the right to make changes to this regulation, if they deem it necessary. These changes will be communicated in due time and in the most appropriate ways

The regulation is also available in the printable PDF version:






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