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La situazione pandemica ci induce a rimandare il Concorso di Interpretazione Musicale Marcello Pontillo – Firenze al novembre 2022 per le difficoltà di spostamenti intercontinentali

La Direzione Artistica

The pandemic situation leads us to postpone the Marcello Pontillo Music Interpretation Competition – Firenze to 2022 November due to the difficulties of intercontinental travel
The Artistic Direction

The Festival

Suoni Riflessi, Sound reflections, when music encounters life. This is what best describes the philosophy of the Festival. A festival that celebrates 17 years of existence and of successes, featuring a formula that is always different and lively. Music is the most intense and personal art that man has produced, a direct expression between souls and generations, through times, places and distances. It does not need translation, but only a spiritual and intellectual will to exist. Suoni Riflessi, Sound reflections therefore means investigating what music has produced in our consciousness and everything that has inspired musical creation. Our every experience can be translated into musical stimuli and it is necessary to enter into this fascinating cultural aspect to better understand our art. The musician is no longer just a skilled performer of beautiful musical pages isolated from the history of humanity but becomes a mediator of culture.


The Competition

After years of enthusiastic work and increasingly stimulating experiences we wanted to expand these convictions in a program involving young musicians who face the difficult world of musical interpretation. Our competition stands as a new and different reference point in at least in two respects: each competitor, whether a soloist or a musical group, is required to devise a project that has a musicological line, promoting the audience’s understanding of Music and the ability to enter into its most hidden secrets.
After two rounds of selection entrusted to a jury of eminent personalities of the musical world, the audience of Suoni Riflessi, Sound reflections will determine the final victory in the concluding round of the competition, thus confirming the value of communication between performer and listeners.
In this way two of the most important aspects of music are demonstrated: the cultural value as a testament to an extreme and refined art, and the ability of the interpreter to communicate these values.
The winners will receive cash prizes, but also, and especially, concerts in various Italian and foreign musical and cultural institutions.

www.concorsomusicalefirenze.it info@concorsomusicalefirenze.it

Artistic Direction

Mario Ancillotti: ancillottim@yahoo.it
Matteo Fossi: info@matteofossi.com

Organization and Secretariat

Alessandra Aitini: info@concorsomusicalefirenze.it
Chiara Bergamo: mariachiarabergamo@gmail.com

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