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After two years of forced interruption due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Competition resumes every two years, always with due caution that they must be respected in November 2022.
the Artistic Direction

The Festival

Suoni Riflessi, Sound reflections, when Music meets Life: this is the concept that best summarizes the philosophy of the Festival, a festival that celebrates 20 years of life and successes for an always different and lively formula. Music is the most intense and inner art that man has produced, direct expression between souls and generations, across distant times, places and men. It does not want translations, but only spiritual and intellectual availability. Each of our experiences can translate into musical stimuli; it is necessary to enter this fascinating cultural aspect to better understand our art. Suoni Riflessi means investigating what music has produced in our consciences and everything that has allowed musical creation. The musician is no longer just a skilled performer of beautiful musical pages, but becomes a mediator of culture.


The Competition

Suoni Riflessi, in addition to the great and significant collaboration it offers to young musicians during the Festival, has felt the obligation to create an additional international incentive for those facing this difficult profession: it has set up, every two years, an execution competition with characteristics that direct the choices of the aspirants towards the intelligence of the programs, understood as a cultural idea and emotional communication, the true necessity of every art. The audience must understand and love the music, not just admire the technical prowess. This is why we wanted it too to participate in the conquest and human communication that music expresses. The Regulations and the Jury are directed towards this higher purpose: not mere technicality, but enhancement of the true, varied and individual values of the emerging artistic quality. The winners will receive prizes, benefits and concerts in various Italian and foreign musical and cultural institutions.

www.concorsomusicalefirenze.it info@concorsomusicalefirenze.it

Artistic Direction

Mario Ancillotti: ancillottim@yahoo.it
Matteo Fossi: info@matteofossi.com

Organization and Secretariat

Alessandra Aitini: info@concorsomusicalefirenze.it
Chiara Bergamo: mariachiarabergamo@gmail.com
Donata Menci: donymenci@yahoo.it

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