International Competition of Musical Interpretation “Marcello Pontillo” Firenze

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 5th 2022

Thursday 24 November 9.00 am - Auditorium in via Folco Portinari 5 - CR Firenze Foundation convocation and appeal of candidates - 10 am start of the first preliminary rounds.

Friday 25 November 10.00 am - Auditorium in via Folco Portinari 5 CR Firenze Foundation start of the second preliminary rounds

The first test and the second test will proceed according to the schedule established and published on the Information page.
The times of the second test will be established after the results of the first test and communicated directly to the candidates; they will also be published on the site. 

Saturday 26 November at 6 pm

The final test will take place at theAuditorium in via Folco Portinari 5 starting at 6 pm, to proceed according to the times communicated to the candidates and published on the site. The final will take place in front of the public. Only members of the Suoni Riflessi 2022 Festival will be able to vote.

The Secretariat will establish times (necessarily limited) for acoustic and piano tests in the hall.

They will be available in the days. 24 and 25/11 two study rooms at the Centro Studi Musica ed Arte Via Pietrapiana, 32 black, 50121 Florence (300m from the Auditorium) with schedules organized by the Secretariat according to requests.


Il pubblico di “Suoni Riflessi”

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