Soloists Section

Soloists Section, 70 euro
The competition is open to soloists (instrumentalists and singers) between 16 and 32 years of age calculated on 24/11/2022, the day the contest begins. Each competitor must present an identity document to the Secretariat, under penalty of exclusion from the Competition.
Art. 4 - Admission and program (Competition Rules)
Each instrumentalist must present a program project of about one hour which:

a) The program must have the characteristics of a concert program;
b) The program must follow a programmatic line based on an aspect, or a period, an influence, or a theme of music. To this end, each musician or group must provide a title and a brief presentation (no more than 2000 characters) illustrating the choice of the program. The program must be presented together with the registration and will be examined by the Artistic Direction. In the absence of a programmatic line, the candidate or group will not be admitted to the Competition.
d) it is possible to present single movements of compositions, provided that they are suitable to the thematic lines of the project;
e) transcriptions and processing are allowed provided that consolidated performance practice or recognized reliability of the transcriber/processor is guaranteed. Piano reductions from orchestral scores for studio use are not allowed unless they are by the author himself and are explicitly released from such use;
f) the organization will provide a grand piano, and no other instrument. Any other instrument (including electronic, percussion, organ, harpsicord, etc.) will be at the expense of the candidate;