Rules and Application for admission

International Competition of Musical Interpretation 

"Marcello Pontillo"- Florence–  2022



The event will be held in compliance with the anticovid regulations in force in Italy during the competition period.


Art. 1 - Purpose

The main goal of the International Competition of Musical Interpretation "Marcello Pontillo" – Florence - is to create opportunities for young musicians. It originates from the Festival “SUONI RIFLESSI”, whose key goal is to turn music into a participatory and engaging language in its executive expression, open to an audience of enthusiasts interested in the profound aspects of this art and of culture in general. It therefore wishes to stimulate the musical and communicative quality of young people, their performances, the search for a project to give to their programs, and help communication with the audience as the essential direction for their art.


Art. 2 - When, where

The competition takes place in Florence biennially, every two years. The dates for the 2022 edition are November 24th, 25th and 26th. Preliminary Rounds will be held in the auditorium of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Florence (via F. Portinari 5) on the 24th and 25th. The Final will be held in the same auditorium in the afternoon (exact time to be defined). The schedule will be communicated by the Secretariat and published on the website one week before the beginning of the event. All performances (Preliminary Rounds and Final) are open to the public.


Art. 3 - Who

The competition is open to soloists (instrumentalists and singers) and groups from duos to sextets between the ages of 16 and 32, calculated on November 24th,2022, the day the contest begins. For groups, the average age of the components will be calculated and the average age must not be above 32 on the date of November 24th, 2022. Each competitor must present a valid identity document to the Secretariat, or they will be excluded from the Competition.


Art. 4 - Admission and Program

“Soloists” are only those who present themselves with only their instrument (piano, solo violin, solo flute, etc.). Whoever presents him/herself with a piano is anyhow considered “duo”.

Each soloist or group must present a program project of about an hour which:

a) must have the characteristics of a concert program;

b) must follow a programmatic line based on any aspect, period, influence, theme of music. The program must present thematic consistency in the pieces it is composed of. To this aim each musician or group must provide a title and a brief presentation (not more than 2000 characters) illustrating the choice of the program, which will have to be presented at the same time as registration, and shall be examined by the Direction of the Competition. Lacking the programmatic line, the candidate or group will not be admitted to the Competition;

c) Within the project the group is allowed to present pieces that do not foresee the whole formation of the group, but this is allowed only if said pieces do not exceed 30% of the whole program (for example a sextet can present a program that includes – respecting the 30% limit – pieces for quintet or quartet or minor formations);

d) it is possible to present single movements of compositions, provided they be suitable to the thematic lines of the project;

e) transcriptions and processing are allowed provided that consolidated performance practice or recognized reliability of the transcriber/processor is guaranteed. Piano reductions from orchestral scores used for studying are not allowed unless they be by the Author him/herself and they be explicitly cleared from this use;

f) the organization will provide a grand piano, and no other instrument. Any other instrument (including electronic, percussion, organ, harpsicord, etc.) will be at the expense of the candidate;

g) the programs selected will be the first 30 considered best for musical interest, historical development, quality and consistency in presentation. Those excluded will have no right to refund of registration fee.


Art. 5 – Preliminary Rounds

The order of the rounds is established by random draw and communicated via e-mail or telephone and published on the website of the Competition one week before the beginning of the rounds. The same order will be respected in all other rounds. Competitors who are absent at convocation time for justified reasons of force majeure will be able to take the test at the end of that same day. Any special requests regarding the calendar of the rounds will have to be made at least 20 days before the beginning of the Competition and will not be binding for the compilation of the calendar: requests will be granted only if they do not create problems in the organization of the Competition.


The Competition takes place in three rounds:

a) First public round: the candidate, or group, must present a program of about 15 minutes, drawn from the whole program, which will be performed in front of the jury. 9 candidates (or groups) maximum will be selected for the second round.

b) Second public round: the candidate, or group, must present a 20-minute program, drawn from the whole program, which will be performed in front of the jury. 3 candidates (or groups) maximum will be selected for the third round.

c) Third public round: the candidate, or group, must present a 30 minute program, drawn from the entire program, which will be judged by an audience made up of members of Suoni Riflessi (and no longer by the jury), who will draw up a ranking of enjoyment by means of vote polled by the Artistic Direction and then made public. Only in case of tie will the jury be called upon once again for definitive judgement.


Art. 6 - The Jury of Experts

The jury is made up by musicians of renown. Names will be published on the website.

The jury has the right to select the musical tempos or parts of the works presented and to shorten the duration of the performances.

The decisions will be expressed after detailed internal discussion of the jury and only admission or non-admission to the next round will be communicated.

Decisions of the jury are final and no appeal is possible. If the artistic level necessary were not to be reached, the Jury has the right to allow only partial access, or no access at all, to further rounds.

The Artistic Direction may at any time, if necessary, call in new members to join the Jury.

Competitors who have a family ties or affinity with a member of the Jury cannot take part in the competition. If there were to be a teacher-scholar relationship between a competitor and a member of the Jury (or if said relationship existed in the previous two years) the jury member will abstain from voting. At the moment of sitting on the jury, each member will make a statement on their personal relationships with the competitors.


Art. 7 - The Judging audience

In order to guarantee an unbiased procedure, the Judging Audience will be formed exclusively by holders of season ticket of the event Suoni Riflessi 2022, by members of the Association organizing the Competition and by the Committee of Friends of Suoni Riflessi. All other spectators present will not be entitled to vote.


Art. 8 – Participation Fees

The participation fee for the competition must be paid upon registration: 

Soloists: 70 euro. Groups: 40 euro for each member of the group. The fee will have to be paid before November 5th 2022 to confirm participation of the group.

All payments must be made specifying in the reason for payment “Registration for the International Competition of Musical Interpretation Marcello Pontillo – Firenze” by either

  • bank transfer to account Suoni Riflessi – Banca Mediolanum
    Iban: IT25T0306234210000002131022
  • Pay Pal

Art. 9 - Application Form

Competitors must send the Application Form via e-mail before and no later than 5.11.2022. Applications will be valid only when payment of participation fee is verified.

The Application form (template is available on the website must be accompanied by the receipts or payment copies of the fees of each member of the group (it is possible to make one single payment for all members of the group. Payment modalities are above (Art.8).

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Art. 10 - Scores

Competitors are required to present, at the moment of the tests, at least two copies of the scores of the pieces in their program. Competitors presenting photocopied scores take responsibility for any legal consequences.


Art. 11 - Awards

Prizes are as follows:

– First Prize € 2.500
– Second Prize € 1.500
– Third prize € 500
– Special Jury Prize for the best project for finalists and semifinalists € 500

The winners of the First and Second Prize will receive a benefit of €200 and the winner of the Third Prize a benefit of €100 from Ut Orpheus ( to be used for editorial material. 

Ex-aequo winners, if any, will split the prize money.


Art 12 - Award Concert

The following prize concerts will be awarded to the winner of the First Prize. In case of ex-aequo the assignment of the concerts will be established by the Artistic Direction.

Concert in the Festival Suoni Riflessi 2023

Concert for the Emilia Romagna Festival 2023

Concert for the A.Scarlatti Association Naples

Participation in the concerts will be agreed with the Artistic Direction.


Art. 13 – Ticino Music Prize

One of the finalists will be chosen by the Artistic Direction of the Festival and of the Competition according to criteria of particular interest, novelty, program.


Art. 14 – Special Prize “Musica con le Ali”  

 A special prize is established by the Cultural Association "Musica con le Ali", based in Milan, whose aim is to promote young Italian talents, supporting them in their training and helping them in succeeding with their profession. "Musica con le Ali" may include one of the Italian finalists, aged between 16 and 23, in their promotional activity for the year 2023/24


Art. 15 – Television coverage

Any filming and/or radio and television broadcasting, will not entail any rights or compensation for the performers.


Art. 16 - Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations

Registration for the competition implies full acceptance of this regulation. Promoters reserve the right to make changes to this regulation, if they deem it necessary. These changes will be communicated in due time and in the most appropriate ways

The regulation is also available in the printable PDF version:




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